Graphic design tutorials for photoshop

  • There is some ways how to look closer to picture, shortcuts:

Zoom In Command +

Zoom Out Command –

Fit picture to screen Command 0

Space bar will show Hand Tool

Also Hand Tool we can get on left tool bar. Also zoom in and out you can if you press on magnifier (Zoom tool) and than choose + our -, depend what you wanna do.

If you wanna move all pictures what you use in your file you select in Move tool – Auto-Select.


  • If you wanna make picture smaller or bigger you can press on picture witch you wanna work with and than go to Edit – Free Trasnsform than take your picture by corner and go in or out to make them bigger or smaller. After finish press Enter.

  • If you wanna rotate the picture go to Edit – Free Transform and near to corner of picture when you saw double ended arrow just rotate picture how you need! After finish press Enter.
  • But if you wanna picture to be in right size you need go to Edit – Free Transform and then when you take picture from corners you need also holds Shift, than picture will come in center. There will not be streching. After resize picture press Enter.

Shortcut for Free Transform is Command T

Alt and Move to make second the same picture (dublicate)

  • If you need put pictures in line or you need find center on your work, or you just wanna creat some edge of your work, then you need know your work size who you can learn Image – Image Size.

For example if you need A4 from all edges 20mm than you need go to View – New Guide – and than for horizontal, Position 20 press ok, than do it again and just in position put 277, than when you do other two times change it to vertical and put the right number in Position, thats how you creat all edges the same.

Simular is with finding center, open View – New Guide – Vertical – than find what will be center on your work and put number in Position, the same with Horizontal than you will see center.

And after when you will open picture and wanna put them in middle, you just need open picture press on picture Command T, than its also will show center on picture and put that center in middle of both Guides and your picture is in center.

If you wanna delete Guids just go View – Clear Guides.

Always remember to put pictures in line or in center with Guides is more easy if you work with Snap. You can open it View – Snap.